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Bull, Pickerel, Spike & Zebra Rush
Bog Plants

Marginal plants adds that personal touch to anyone's pond.

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Pickerel Rush
Pickerel Rush

Excellent clumpy plant with blue spike flowers, lush foliage.  Makes a nice cut flower, spreads readily.  Zones:  3-11

Spike Rush
Spike Rush

A clumpy bright green, grass-like reed, works nicely as an accent plant or low border.  Excellent bog plant.  Zones:  6-11

Zebra Rush
Zebra Rush

Nice white-stripped green blades.  An excellent plant to accent height in a pond area.  (Hardy)

Bull Rush--$8.00

This plant is just like the Spike Rush, except without the white-strips.  Nice dark greenery.  (Hardy)

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