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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You will not receive anything, except mature, pond ready plants; grown and propagated in our greenhouses, bogs and ponds.
All Lilies and Lotus's have mature tubers.  Bog and marginal plants are ready for the pond.  We guarantee your satisfaction or a full refund (including shipping charges) will be issued.
Products of the highest quality for the lowest prices.  We are confident that you will agree.
Thanks for your trust in Little River Water Gardens:  Home of the Sundancer Koi Farm.
Privacy Statement:  Any information you provide us will never be sold or shared with anyone, except by a legal court order.
Security:  We guarantee a secure shopping cart on a secure server for all purchases.
Shipping Info:  Plants are shipped UPS.....
Less than $10.00---8.95 Shipping per order (not per item)
$10.00  to 49.99---6.95
   50.00 to 99.99---4.95
$100.00 or above---No Shipping Charges
Note:  We do not charge a Handling and Packaging Charge; and, as the order increases, we pay a larger portion of the shipping charges.
Fish Orders:  All fish orders are handled and shipped with extreme care and caution.  Because of necessary special shipping arrangements, you need to contact us at the following email address with your request for information pertaining to a particular Koi.  All fish orders are shipped by over-night air on a designated day.  Once the shipping day is established, an arrival time will be provided.  You should be at the location for pick-up at the time of arrival.
Note:  The stock in the Koi color variations sometimes changes very fast, as they become sold and new ones are brought in from our ponds.
We are proud to announce that we have had Koi, from our fish pond, that have won Grand Champion, First, Second and Third place in various Koi Shows.

Thank you for visiting our store!