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Water Lilies (red)
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Red Water Lilies (links to other colors are at bottom of page)....

Attraction Water Lily

Beautiful blooms...Requires only 3-4 hours of direct sun.  Good sustaining blooms, even in the south where other reds may fade (9-12 sq. ft. spread).

Ellisiana Water Lily

Extraordinary deep red blooms.  Does best in zones 3-7;  Full sun for maximum blooming.  Excellent for small ponds or tubs (4-12 sq. ft. spread).

Mayla Water Lily

Rich lustrous blooms, the intense color makes it very popular, along with its lovely fragrance.  Full sun for maximum bloom (9-12 sq. ft spread).

Perry's Black Opal
Perry's Black Opal Water Lily

Such a deep red, it appears almost black on older flowers.  Very nice for any size pond.

Perry's Fire Opal
Perry's Fire Opal Water Lily

Brilliantly bright blossoms with a 6-12 sq. ft. spread (fragrance).

Perry's Wildfire
Perry's Wildfire Water Lily

A striking purple pink bloom, suited for medium to large ponds.

Rembrandt Water Lily

Another most popular lily with large red flowers, which are offset by white sepals (9-18 sq. ft. spread).


Has deep red petals with white sepals and is an excellent bloomer.  Slight fragrance (6-12 sq. ft. spread).

Splendida Water Lily

Sultan Water Lily

A very nice medium sized plant with strawberry red flowers.  Slight fragrance (6-12 sq. ft. spread).

Water Lilies (pink)

Water Lilies (yellow)

Water Lilies (white, ch'ables & peach)

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