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Updates and News Headlines....

We will mourn the loss of Carol Hickok, the founder of Little River Water Gardens,
forever.  She passed away in her home Oct. 25, 2004 at the age of 52.  Things
will never be the same, and I, Oris Hickok (Husband), struggle to continue. 
Thanks to all of her friends for their support.
We have received many request to revise our store.  To make it easier
to order and to make it simple to use.  We have heard your plee, looked at
our store, evaluated it and agreed with you.  Something had to be done.  After
the evaluation, we decided the store was non-repairable and threw it away. 
We spent months building a new store from the ground up and it is now on line
and the links are in place.  Rather if you wanted to shop or not, we designed it
to be beneficial to everyone.  The Lrwg Store works great as
photo-gallery to enable you to learn about the plant varieties and get ideas
to use for your own projects, so visit the store as often as you like.  We have
included the link to the store at the bottom of this page.

Lrwg Store

Little River Water Gardens * 3771 108th Ave. SE * Norman * Ok * 73026 * Phone:  (405) 872-0197