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Little River Water Gardens

Home of the Sundancer Koi Farm; The Wetgardens of Oklahoma.  We are a  company that stays focused on the comsumer by offering high quality products with low ecconomical pricings, tips, money saving alternitives and FREE CONSULTATION SERVICES to help you succeed in your water garden adventures.


To the Home of the Sundancer Koi Farm.

We will help you enjoy your watergardens and wetland projects to their utmost potential.

Lrwg is your personal watergarden project help center; providing Free Consultation Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Use the frequently updated FAQ Database and tip pages on a regular basis to insure your success.
Enjoy interactivity in the Lrwg Forum; share ideas, experiences and help others with solutions to their watergardening problems.
Join the free Lrwg Newsletter and receive powerful tips, news and updates (see our privacy statement).
You never have to shop at the Lrwg Store, unless you want to; it works great as a photo-gallery.  Use it for your educational library and discover the many plant and fish varieties; and gain valuable insight and ideas for your own wetland projects.
This only scratches the surface of the resources we have available, so explore our website; and your watergardening adventures will be an exciting and marvelous experience.

Design your own Koi Pond!
Rembrant Water Lily
Use our Free Consultation Services!

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