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Biological Filtration System


Build your own Biological Filter System!

The filter systems on the market are very disappointing. We wanted to help people enjoy their ponds with a low maintenance, low cost filter system that works better than the high dollar filters on the market today. We have researched and tested this system for years.

The way that a biological filter system works is, not only trapping the settlements and waste from the pond's contents, but it is also designed to allow beneficial bacteria to grow, which are then added to the pond, controlling bad bacteria within the pond's environment.

The results are less algae, cleaner water and healthier fish. This filter system, especially if used with the combination of plant balance, will allow you to enjoy your pond the way it was meant to be. The fish in your pond will now be able to be seen, allowing you to enjoy your pond to its utmost potential.

Thanks for your interest in these pages, we wish you the best of luck.

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A biological filter system could be incorporated into this pond as a waterfalls.

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